Providing Funeral Services Since 2001

Sumitra Funeral is the longest-serving funeral home in Odisha, India. A local funeral service provider, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and cost-effective funeral solutions to our clients. From planning the funeral services to choosing the ideal burial and cremation options, trust that we will assist you as best as we can through this difficult time.

Why Choose Wheeler Funeral Home?

  • Calls Accommodated 24 Hours a Day
  • Competitive Service Rates
  • Family-Owned and -Operated Business
  • Fully Licensed Funeral Service Provider
  • Locally Owned Funeral Home
  • Over 18 Years in the Industry
  • Personalized Funeral Solutions
  • Prearranged Funeral Services
  • Professional yet Compassionate Staff


This includes the crematorium bookings whether electric or pyre and all the relevant arrangements required for the funeral.

  • Liaising with the pundits
  • Hearse Van
  • Arthi/Matka
  • Flowers
  • Inscese
  • Pyre Wood

  • Co-ordinator at Sworgadwar,Puri


  • Prayer hall booking
  • Framing of photograph

  • Elegant & beautiful floral arrangements

  • Lunch or high tea catering service with different menu choices

  • Crockery cutlery & waiter service

  • Singer / raagi for the prayer meeting

    The prayer hall or community centre costs are fixed, however we can tailor make the rest of the costs depending on the families requirements & needs, providing a high standard of quality service with minute attention to every detail. Our team is professional & works towards the smooth running of the prayer meeting.

    We also specialize at organizing prayer meetings at ones private farm or home, where we look after the entire tentage, flowers, candles, lighting, valet and catering.


This service is provided 24/7. We provide a neat clean refrigerated coffin with a transparent glass top that can be plugged in to the power point at Home. Floral decorations, incense & candles at home are optional.


During this time many families wish to decorate the waiting area /pyre area with flowers.
We use a variety of Indian flowers from Guldavari, Rose petals, motiya, Gainda or Rajnigandha to create elegant & dignified décor depending on the families choice.