Freezere Box Facility:

Regular Freezer Box has been specifically designed for preservation of corpse from tissue decomposition. This freezer box can be easily carried into home/funeral place/hospital. These Boxes are used to transfer the dead with dignity, and also ensure proper measures against decomposition the single important factor when moving over long distances.

We also offer A/C Freezer Box to preserve the dead body at your residence on hire basis. A/C Freezer Box For Human Remains. A/C Freezer Is A Mobile Mortuary, Which Can Use Ar Residence / Ambulance, The Freezer Box Cooling And Makes The Dead Body Safe From Decomposition, Freezer Box Works Fully Automatic, It Is Made Out Of Glass, It Is Visible The Dead Body From Out Side.

Our service provides the following:

  • One / Two person team

  • One Man Loading stretchers used on all mortuary collections

  • Disposable head block used for posture

  • Envelope non-zip body transport pouch or zipped body pouch used on all duties

  • Local & long distance transfer service

  • Discreet transport to your location with any paperwork required.

Type of Freezer Box

Dead Body Freezer Box

24 Hours Dead Body Freezer Box

Dead Body Freezer Box Dealer