Embalming Service:

Transfer of decease abroad and from abroad to India.

In “Sumitra Ambulance Service (www.localambulance.com)” there is a special department named Sumitra Embalming Service who taking care of transferring who died far away from their hometown and the body needs to be transported back home , the services are rendered in the case of the death of foreign or Indian whose family is interested in moving abroad for burial.

Embalming is the process of preserving the body by injection of a few chemicals that essentially help in slowing down the process of decomposition. These procedures are to be done by certified practitioners with the aid of preservatives and other chemicals. Embalming typically involves removal of the bodily fluids and replacing them with preservatives such as formaldehyde to slow down the decomposition process. Certain procedures are also involved in making sure that the body could be kept safely for public viewing and long-distance transportation.

Actions that occur in this case are:

  • Embalming the body. A special double coffin made of Tsing and wood approved by the international standard by all countries in the world

  • Transfer the deceased from anywhere in the country

  • Preparation of relevant documents.

  • Contact the relevant embassy permits that allow them to enter the country question

  • Booking a flight to the desired destination and transfer the coffin to the airport

  • Within the department to transfer deceased abroad

  • We contacted many companies’ overseas nurses in the transfer of deceased from their country to home town.


We also undertook embalming i.e. injecting freezing chemicals into the body to prevent decomposition. This process is done under authorized medical supervision this is also one of the mandatory requirements to dispatch by train or by air.