Dressing And Packing:

 Family members or close friends may choose to be involved in dressing and packing the body after death has occurred. Caring for a body is not easy and can stir up strong emotions. Many people turn to health care providers and funeral directors for help. They find comfort and assurance in entrusting the body to those who provide professional services. The deceased may have left instructions for their after-death care to be handled by the health care team and chosen funeral home. Other people practice religions or belong to communities that view care of the body as a family responsibility. Their faith community, elders or neighbours provide guidance and support for hands-on care of the body. For some, this is a way of honouring the person – a final act of kindness to him or her.

 Sumitra Ambulance Service (www.localambulance.com) provides dressing and packing service of dead body at cheap price in Odisha. This is an additional service to catered on demand and as per the requirement of the difference communities.

Our service provides the following:

  • Wash and dress the body

  • Make the necessary arrangements to move the body

  • Arrange for a casket, shroud, or urn

  • Organize the details of the service

  • Arrange for burial or cremation

  • Complete the paperwork required by the vital statistics agency in your province or territory. This commonly includes the registration of death, medical certificate of death, and burial permit.

Dressing & Packing