Cremation Package:

For the first time, more Americans are choosing cremation than burial, according to a 2017 report by the Cremation Association of North America. That number is expected to increase. Why are more Americans making the decision to choose cremation? The answer lies in several economic, demographic, social, and religious factors.

Cremation is one-third – or less – the cost of traditional burial, which requires a casket, embalming, burial plot, and other additional expenses. When you or your loved ones choose cremation, it simplifies the choices a family would be required to make for a traditional funeral service, at an already difficult time.

Sumitra Ambulance Service ( provides Cremation Packages. We have heard from several families that have told us stories of funeral homes quoting lower prices over the phone and then when you show up, they have not included all required items or charge extra for certain items. We cover the general types of cremation services, your choices are not required to fit exactly into any particular category. There are literally “choices within choices” available to provide a meaningful service with flexibility to meet the needs of each person and family we serve.

Cremation Package