Coffin Box Facility:

A coffin is a box used for a corpse for viewing and also used for the burial purpose of the corpse. It’s commonly made out of wood, but today people try to pay tribute to their loved ones by arranging different types of coffins. Coffins are used from ancient time for burying the dead bodies. A coffin can be buried in the ground or can be placed in a burial vault or cremated. Sometimes it can be located above ground in the mausoleum, a church.

Today, due to increasing rate of funeral and coffins, you have to arrange the coffin payment in advance to save yourself from heavy funeral expenses. So, we are available to do all the funeral arrangements for you. We have in house manufacturing facility for all types of wood casket (Coffin) suitable to transport by road, train & air.

So, Sumitra Ambulance Service ( provides Coffin Box for easiest transportation of dead body from any place. You just need to provide your details to us, and we will reach back to you. We arrange all types of coffins and prices are also mentioned in each catalog.

Our service provides the following:

  • One / Two person team

  • One Man Loading stretchers used on all mortuary collections

  • Disposable head block used for posture

  • Envelope non-zip body transport pouch or zipped body pouch used on all duties

  • Local & long distance transfer service

  • Discreet transport to your location with any paperwork required.

Coffin Box

Coffin Box